Friday, March 13, 2009

Textual Abusers

What happens when innocent sexting goes too far....

... textual

These new quirky e-postcards are the polite way of saying stop stalking me to your boyfriend, actual friends, or that random guy who you met once, that insists on sending you top friend requests on facebook.

Created as a public service partnership between the Family Violence Prevention Fund, the Ad Council, the Office of Violence Against Women, there's plenty of messages to choose from, on , one to fit every type of stalker and stalkee.

So next time someone's bugging you, tell them it's textual abuse and you don't have to take it.


  1. That last one is particularly awesome. Would be a great way to dump a guy.

  2. hmm...textual violence is an increasingly annoying form of communication for the non-committal "maintainers" of the world. if only they could put their fingers to good use.