Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One More Round for Janet's Cookie

After some laughs and occasional horrified looks in Milford, Janet's Cookie won the audience award and is going on to Festival Stratford. If you happen to be around that area on Friday August 3 at round 8ish, go check it out alongside some other shorts and don't miss some Rome and Juliet action right after.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July Theater Things

Hey all, it’s been awhile since I updated this thing with the various play dates and such. So here goes, by the way that gif was just to get your attention. Did it work?

Eastbound Festival --- July 7,8 and 13,14
If you happen to be Connecticut this weekend, my ten minute play “Janet’s Cookie” the story of a banner ad gone wild is playing in the Eastbound festival. The dates are as follows July 7th and 8th at 1pm and 3pm at the Milford Center for the Arts and  July 13 and 14 at Wesport Community Theatre. Check it out, it should be fun.
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STYLE & SECTS: The Third Annual No-Doze Festival. July 21st
In New York, I'm doing a 24 Hour festival put on by Coffee Black Productions. I will be assigned a sin, a style and a cast and work overnight to pump out a play. The results will surely be naughty. The performance will be Saturday July 21st at 6pm.

HOT FEST at Dixon Place. July 26th.
Your favorite Lady Gaga impersonators are back and hotter then ever in Friends * Monsters. See a tale of two men waiting for Gaga on July 26th at 7:30 following  Black Hairy tongue by Lilian De.It’s free to see and boozy, so come one, come all.
Get all the details here:

And if you miss that one, Friends & Monsters will be playing again at Slamathon by Thespian Products on August 23rd and August 25th at 3 and 8.
You can get tickets here:

Yet another 24 hour play festival. Same rules: I get the prompt and write it all in one crazy night. If you want to see what happens come by the Player’s Theatre.
For more info check out the Grex Group Theatre site: