Friday, May 29, 2009

Twitter: the reality show

A new show is in the works that hopes to feature the twitterers among us. Set to be Amazing Race meets Celebrity Apprentice. The competition style show from what I can tell seems to consists of twitterers stalking celebrities based on their twitter messages. So in a nutshell, people get paid to just be creepy.

junk man

Illustrator Jim Darling cleaned up the trash and created a man.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

the difference between us


McVodka - fake but great :)
This looks strangely appetizing to me. This may be because I'm Russian.

I hope so. Do I hope so.

The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow / H G Wells par hulk4598

challenge your world

Challenge Your World is a Canadian, for-profit organization that brings ideamakers together to create a more sustainable relationship between people, the planet and profit.

The site challenges people to put up video and discussions about positive changes and business ideas they'd like to put in motion. The ultimate aim is to turn these ideas into reality. Here's one of the quirky ideamaker's videos from the site:

Step-O-Tron from Challenge Your World on Vimeo.

Check out more here.

Sebastian's Voodoo

Sebastian's Voodoo from Joaquin Baldwin on Vimeo.

hair straightener vending machine

There's always a point on any given night where my hair goes from artfully tamed into a frizzed out frenzy. That's why this new product may actually be useful for those of us not blessed with well behaved hair.

Beautiful Vending, a UK company, has released a hair straightener vending machine. The Straight Up machine is now available in clubs, bars and gyms. I wish they would release it in the U.S, though who am I kidding by the point I got to it, no hair straightener could help me.

toilet paper novels

Japanese author Koji Suzuki has released his new novel, The Drop, on toilet paper. The story is actually about a ghost who lives in a public toilet. The use of media is kind of clever, the story seems all kind of horrifying.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

TOPSY Turvy russians

Twitters new site TOPSY, let's you search by tweets. I topsied Russian ( is that what you'd call it?) to see what the search engine came up with, and here's my results.

TOPSY is a wonderful novelty, without which I would have never discovered rolcats, which is actually a quite amusing site. With gems like this...


"Yes child, enjoy your naive appreciation of life’s novelty. Soon you will grow and so will your disdain for this banal existence you once considered beautiful."

And this... 8

"-His lethargic display of apathy and lack of industry is shameful! -It is a legitimate response to the harsh and inconsequential nature of being. I celebrate his tenacity!"

It's like nursery rhymes from my father.

the evolution of mean girls
A recent Scientific American article attempts to explore the reasons why sweet pigtailed girls morph into "eye-rolling, gossiping, ostracizing, sarcastic, dismissive, cliquish ninth-graders, embroiled in the classic cafeteria style bitchery."

The writer looks to several studies examining male agression vs. female agression. While teenage boys and young male adults are more prone to engage in direct aggression, which includes physical acts of violence such as hitting, punching and kicking, females, in comparison, exhibit pronounced social aggression.

This much is true. We've all seen it boys beat the crap out of each other then make nice, girls make nice and secretly plot against each other from then on out.

The writer points to a second study, where male and female participants were asked to plot their course of revenge in a scenario where they were besmirched. The male's first point of attack was physical while the female participants chose to attack the other person's reputation. The researchers found that females often first resort to this "informational warfare" particularly when engaging in competition over males.

The writer concludes that, "Evolutionarily, historically and cross-culturally, they point out, girls in the fifteen- to nineteen-year-old range would be most actively competing for mates. Thus, anything that would sabotage another females’ image as a desirable reproductive partner, such as commenting on her promiscuity, physical appearance or some other aberrant or quirky traits, tends to be the stuff of virile gossip."

The finding seem to make sense for the most part. However, there are some things that don't jive with me. The writer assumes that female competition is defined by males. In reality, girls compete for status, for power, they compete to be the best. And the best is not defined purely by who you're dating/mating with. In fact, up to college level, girls tend to surpass boys in academics, the competition is between the girls. If you've ever been to a girls soccer game it becomes clear, girls can be fierce competitors. Not only do these girls not fight over boys, they take on the boys.

I for one, have never competed over a guy. In fact, I've always found myself competing with the boys, because the boys were competing over things I cared about. Perhaps, that's why I've never been a mean girl, at least with other girls.

100 movie lines: 200 seconds

explosive drinks



wishing I was elsewhere


VIA Furbiz

oldie but goodie: photoshopping yourself


Seeing Red

Came upon this designer on Brooklyn Art Project, perhaps it's my love for propaganda style print or my anti-corporate leanings but I love his work. You can check out more here on the artist's page.

pick one

There's always a better option, a lesser of two evils, a choice. Pick one let's you decide. That's pretty much the grand purpose from what I can gage. Somewhere along the internet the points accumulate and things add up. The top 10 and bottom 10 are below. What does it all mean? I'm assuming a whole lot of nothing much, but it's fun anyway. Pick one here.

mine magazine

Over at slate,

gummi heart transplant


VIA boingboing

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

off the wall

Treasure trove: An Egyptian style mural adorns a wall in Los Gatos, California. Pugh paints people into the mural to heighten the 3D effect

3D Murals by John Pugh

red bull gives you more than wings

"The authorities in six German states have ordered retailers to stop selling Red Bull Cola energy drinks after traces of cocaine were found in it.

The recall came after a sample analysis conducted in North-Rhine Westphalia found one litre of the drink contained 0.4 micrograms of the banned substance. Officials said the cocaine levels were too low to pose a health threat but were not permitted in foodstuffs."

I knew there was a reason red bull got me through college.

IAMS super pups




mary-virginia-carmack-carmack_6_oOh yeah? by Mary Virginia Carmack.

The delightfully quirky illustrations of Mary Virginia Carmack

cleaning up the streets

temporarily tatooed

Bod Mods by Kye Ok Kim

but does it float

VIA but does it float

it's in the genes, really everything is

Want a longer life? There's a gene for that.

"Mutations have been found to extend the lifespan of animals in the lab such as worms, fruit flies and mice, and appear to play the same role in humans. Professor Linda Partridge, director of the Institute of Healthy Ageing at University College London, said such research could help treat or delay many diseases simultaneously with medication."- telegraph

How about the love of your life? There's a gene for that.
"When it comes to choosing a mate, opposites really do attract, according to a Brazilian study that found people are subconsciously more likely to choose a partner whose genetic make-up is different to their own."-reuters

Want to get wasted? There's a gene for that.

"Researchers found that those who had the genetic make up were able to become hardened to the affects of alcohol and therefore able to drink more.Those without it would not be able to consume as much before becoming drunk or falling asleep."-telegraph

iPhone cover art

The New Yorker Cover
Painted by artist Jorge Colombo with his iPhone.

moss graffiti

Edina Tokodi greens the streets of Phili. VIA Inhabitat

leisure envy

How to Charm the pants off the Elderly

This year, on Charm School with Ricky Lake, the girls are being thought how to be charitable. They must learn to share more then their bodies, they must open their hearts and minds and give back. And already the charm school newbies/reality TV regular have shown themselves to be incredibly giving individuals.

On last nights episode they were tasked with amusing people who were not like them at all (The aged). Except the old people were exactly like them. They were horny.

Brittanyas sat on the laps of drooling sugardaddies regaling them with war stories from the nights of before. Brittney Star discussed her love of movies with said grandaddies. In fact, Brittaney Star and one oldie shared a favorite pantydropping flick, the one starring herself. Brittaney continued on with pleasantries about her various dabbling in the art of fellatio. The oldies laughed, and cried, and held on tight to their pacemakers. Meanwhile, in the other corner the grannies were getting rowdy as well. Ashley shared her breasts with a feisty lady, bubbles planned murders with a cat lady, and bay bay bay showed the oldies how to shimmy their bits and pieces. Oh and some oldie fell, and no one picked him up.

The girls truly warmed the hearts of those oldies, and even left some with a slight tingling sensation.

crayon people

Friday, May 22, 2009

Beardy Adaptations


Patrick Fry
for Beardy Man.

how to be an explorer

How to Be an Explorer of the World: Portable Life Museum

A little inspiration. VIA ideadrunk

Married by the Family on Reality TV

Marriedbyamerica_l"CBS is hooking up with Project Runway and Top Chef producers Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz for a reality show on arranged marriages. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series, tentatively and uncreatively titled Arranged Marriage, will follow four unlucky-in-love adults, age roughly 25-45, who allow their friends and family to choose a spouse for them because they're that anxious to commit. The couples will legally tie the knot, and the series will document their lives together post-ceremony."

Now before you poo-poo this whole thing, here's a weird fact that I wrangled up while watching 20/20 or Dateline or possibly WE( either way a highly credible source.)

Apparently the divorce rate for arranged marriage is only 5%-7% around the world.

Regular marriages in this country run about 50.50. Perhaps, this may have to do with the threat of beheading in other parts of the globe, but what a plot twist that would be.

it's getting warmer out there

garry trinh photographer photography
photo by Garry Trinh

guerilla grocery labels

Montreal artists experiment with shop dropping, replacing labels in grocery stories with art. VIA trendhunter