Friday, May 15, 2009


“The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a Washington-based watchdog group that pressures food companies to make healthier products, plans to propose a federal excise tax on soda, certain fruit drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks and ready-to-drink teas. It would not include most diet beverages. Excise taxes are levied on goods and manufacturers typically pass them on to consumers.”

Now here's the good part. The tax would be part of a way to help fund a healthcare system overhaul.  The counter arguments (surprise, surprise) are coming from PepsiCo, Kraft, and Coca-Cola, who argue that this tax would unfairly target lower-income Americans. 

Perhaps, less soda consumption will mean people will switch to bottle water.  Except, the government is also trying to wean us off that. "New York Gov. David Paterson has issued an executive order restricting the use of bottled water at state facilities and promoting executive agency sustainability."  Plus, bottled water prices are getting kind of ridiculous. Remember when bottled water used to be a dollar?  And a bag of chips was only 25 cents. How I miss the 90's.

 Soon we all will have to decide between New York City Tap and Two Buck Chuck. I choose Two Buck Chuck.

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  1. Yes to the Chuck...except it went up to THREE BUCKS here. Damn.