Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How to Charm the pants off the Elderly


This year, on Charm School with Ricky Lake, the girls are being thought how to be charitable. They must learn to share more then their bodies, they must open their hearts and minds and give back. And already the charm school newbies/reality TV regular have shown themselves to be incredibly giving individuals.

On last nights episode they were tasked with amusing people who were not like them at all (The aged). Except the old people were exactly like them. They were horny.

Brittanyas sat on the laps of drooling sugardaddies regaling them with war stories from the nights of before. Brittney Star discussed her love of movies with said grandaddies. In fact, Brittaney Star and one oldie shared a favorite pantydropping flick, the one starring herself. Brittaney continued on with pleasantries about her various dabbling in the art of fellatio. The oldies laughed, and cried, and held on tight to their pacemakers. Meanwhile, in the other corner the grannies were getting rowdy as well. Ashley shared her breasts with a feisty lady, bubbles planned murders with a cat lady, and bay bay bay showed the oldies how to shimmy their bits and pieces. Oh and some oldie fell, and no one picked him up.

The girls truly warmed the hearts of those oldies, and even left some with a slight tingling sensation.

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