Wednesday, May 27, 2009

TOPSY Turvy russians

Twitters new site TOPSY, let's you search by tweets. I topsied Russian ( is that what you'd call it?) to see what the search engine came up with, and here's my results.

TOPSY is a wonderful novelty, without which I would have never discovered rolcats, which is actually a quite amusing site. With gems like this...


"Yes child, enjoy your naive appreciation of life’s novelty. Soon you will grow and so will your disdain for this banal existence you once considered beautiful."

And this... 8

"-His lethargic display of apathy and lack of industry is shameful! -It is a legitimate response to the harsh and inconsequential nature of being. I celebrate his tenacity!"

It's like nursery rhymes from my father.


  1. lol! or should i say rol!

  2. What beautiful cynicism!!!