Monday, November 23, 2009

Superemo Friends

JSalvador: “Super Emo Friends” Limited edition prints: Individual characters / Complete set. [more.via.]

I don't know why but I cracked up when I read the I miss Uncle Ben line. It's cruel really. VIA the daily what

A gift for someone you really don't like...

A Pop-up book of phobias is probably not the best gift for young children but I kind of love it anyway. VIA ilovenewwork

Fun video plays with faces.
Joel GalvinJoel Galvin

Created by John Galving see more wonderful oddness at ventralisgolden.

Theme Hospital I do miss you

Came upon this beauty on another blog today. The dude over at doobybrain installed Boxer, a free DOS emulator for MAC and brought back Theme Hospital. The image alone evokes all sorts of nostalgic longing. For some reason I really loved this game. I mean you can't get any better then bloated head syndrome and chronic nose hair epidemics. Heart.

Another delightfully mad performance from Lady Gaga

Tips for the recently deflowered

At least now I know how to conduct myself in situation in which I am to be deflowered. Oh wait...

VIA the adventures of accordian guy


Digging this idea for a foodspotting app that let's you search for restaurants based on food items. Though my search would always be the same: red velvet cupcakes and fried green tomatoes.


Tag yourself from Ikea

Very smart stuff wish I knew about it so I could get some swag.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tumblr proposal

Last night Justin Johnson took over every tumblr user's dashboard to propose to girlfriend Marissa Nystrom using a video he made about the six years they'd been together. Usually I would mock such romanticism but it's kind of sweet. Perhaps my icey heart is melting, very slowly, but melting nonetheless.

Marissa, will you marry me? from justin on Vimeo.

Fancy names for myself

Make your name mighty indeed here.

Scroll Clock

scroll clock
VIA swissmiss

The Body Image Project

Look at you // The Body Image Project from Body Image Project on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Somewhere inside the cute

From the strange mind of Jason Freeny VIA NOTCOT

The many things that make us hope & fear

Thought provoking work from artist Philip Toledano.
Zeitgeist Toys-4.jpeg

Unplug. Just do it.



Playing with fire on your street

Another Augmented Reality game incorporating your real setting. Though I think it'd be funnier if actual passersby were on fire, but I'm messed up like that.

How ideas die

A bytesized

The Lady inside your search box

Picture 1

Little something, something for Weetabix from Monkeyboy. Play with it here.


Monday, November 16, 2009

More nudity. Just because I can.

Valley Lodge "All of My Loving" from Valley Lodge on Vimeo.

Daily Obsessional in very dirty body type. Make your own words out of fleshy contortionists here.

Uniforms for the Dedicated

Strange lookbooks see more here.

This will be creepy...

One man's trash is a street light

gaon, street light, methane, trashgaon, street light, methane, trash

Lee’s lamppost features a trash can at its base. Pedestrians toss their old food products inside, where they are composted. Methane from the compost is used to power the lamp, and the entire process begins again.

VIA inhabitat

Fun with bar codes


Immortal Underground

Comic Marilyn  36 x 52  acrylic, enamel and comic book collage on canvasEcstatic Grin  48 x 48  oil and comic book collage on canvasAlien Expressionist    24 x 36   oil on canvas

Ron English unleashes all sorts of strangeness at the Opera Gallery.