Friday, July 31, 2009

status updates for mommy

Sometimes, I wish my mom just operated on the basis of status updates. She is slowly getting into texting. She sends me a paragraph and I humbly return her never-ending queries with
" I'm alive."

Status Updates Since My Mother Became My Facebook Friend.


Scott is making good, well informed decisions.

Scott is going to bed at a very reasonable hour.

Scott is drinking only on occasion, and even then it's just one or two.

Scott quit smoking several months ago without any apparent difficulty.

Scott is in no way involved, currently nor in the past, with a married woman, regardless of what anyone is saying.

Scott is making large, regular contributions to his savings account.

Scott is making yet another home cooked meal, avoiding fast food as usual.

Scott is no longer in debt like he used to be...boy that would be terrible.

Scott is in no way affected by the current economic downturn...everything is a-okay.

Scott is not gaining weight, and his clothes fit just fine.

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where old meets new

Love how anachronistic this image feels. Created by Emmanuel Polanco.

My flock is awfully writerly

See a tag cloud of your twitterati followers here.

french kissing gets the anime treatement

...with dastardly results.

tappening kind of a downer


These ads are kind of depressing. But I guess, the truth is sort of a downer too. Check out the site here.

feminists don't hate men, housewives do?

"Our work finds that, indeed, non-feminists believe in traditional gender roles such as men being breadwinners and women being caregivers. At the same time, these non-feminists actually appear to resent the confines of the traditional roles they advocate, which presents a paradox for women and men in traditional heterosexual relationships," says researcher Melinda Kanner.

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a brief history of beer Summit

the twitterverse

If the Twitter community was 100 people... by mkandlez.

Created by Dave McCandles of Visualized

look who's talking about you...

Check out where your links are going here.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

the male oaf is a woman...

...and somehow it just gets sad.

Created by Sean of the blogulator.

let out your agency induced angst here

tweet your rants here.

comic collage women

Created by Paper Monster.

Keeping puppies snuggie


O.k., who didn't see this coming?


signs of the times

slideshow imageslideshow imageslideshow image


sherri shepard got a brazilian on the view today...

...Hilarity ensued. This made my morning.

The Big City and the Endless Net

“ In their scope, both the Internet and New York are profoundly humbling: young people accustomed to feeling special about their gifts are inevitably jarred, upon arrival, to discover just how many others are trying to do precisely the same, with equal or greater success. — Bright Lights, Big Internet -

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Target women: dating

Sarah Haskins it's been too long, I was starting to miss you.

laser cut leaves

laser cut leaves, laser printed leaves, dried leaves, tatil design, brazil, natural medium, sustainble material, eco-friendly material, green material, flyer, advertising, green advertising, marketing, green marketing


iSpy a preschool precursor to iPhoning

Start em' early or else they'll go through adolescence as a PC. The horror.

The Hills: a retrospective


Vancouver artists Karin Bubas solo exhibition "With friends like these..." is a pastel take on the Hills most vacuous residents.

Models with Big Macs

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Poetry meets music videos on the BBC

Lord Byron as performed by The King Blues.

accessory to a human


Shocking and thought provoking photography by Madame Peripetie

iPhone in bed

"The Passion 'app' uses the phone's motion sensors and microphone to take a series of readings during sexual intercourse.

Users simply start the programme, strap the phone to their arm or belt, and press 'stop' when lovemaking is over. The programme then gives a rating from 'bad' to 'perfect' on three criteria - duration, activity, and orgasm."

My question: do we really need an app for that?

VIA huffington post

lovely and strange.

Fruit by the foot randomness from Saatchi New York.

Solar Parking Lots

sustainable design, green design, solar forest, ev infrastructure, electric vehicle, neville mars, photovoltaic trees

It almost makes too much sense, charging your car while it's parked. Very cool and it looks like an urban jungle.


funny because it's true.

This may be one of my favorite new sites.

Check out more here.

coffee cup doodles

henry by Boy Obsolete.sodapop sundays (1) by Boy Obsolete.they killed lucy (3) by Boy Obsolete.

Found this on flickr kind of love it. Want to start drawing on coffee cups too.

VIA Boy Obsolete

Michael Jackson Sneakers


Is there anywhere his image isn't right now?

I may just be flirting with alot of people...

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

youtube tees

Shirts Taste Good

In a world, where even ironic t-shirts are fleeting, they are finally make designs for the A.D.D. generation. Youtube tees provide a new pop culturally relevant ( at least for 15 minutes or so) tshirt every week.

still dreaming of bigger things...

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just playing the game

Created by zach golden.

emoticons in love, hate, and lust

Emoticon Love Stories - Illustrator Miss Tal Tells the Tale of Our Computer Counterparts (GALLERY)
Illustrator Miss Tal Tells the Tale of Our Computer Counterparts

See the whole love story here.

toilet paper faces

18 Creative Toilet Papers

The faces match the medium? Created by Junior Jacquet.

How Artists Must Dress

" The artist's sartorial choices are subject to the same hermeneutic operations as are his work. When dressing, an artist should imagine a five-paragraph review of his clothes—the attitudes and intentions they reveal, their topicality, their relationship to history, the extent to which they challenge or endorse, subvert or affirm dominant forms of fashion—written by a critic he detests.

Communicating an attitude of complete indifference to one's personal appearance is only achievable through a process of self-reflexive critique bordering on the obsessive. Artists who are in reality oblivious to how they dress never achieve this effect." - n+1

And How Writers Must Dress.

Awkwardly. That is all.

September Issue Trailer

tweeting your ride. subway now on twitter.

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Balancing your media diet

Balance Your Media Diet via zenhabits

I realize now I may just be socially obese. VIA something changed