Wednesday, July 22, 2009

creativity linked to being bat-shit-crazy

Scientists have long wondered why bipolar personalities and schizophrenia persisted in the human species despite being detrimental to most everyday functions. The answer may well be evident in every ad agency in the country.

A recent study conducted in Hungary by Szabolcs Kéri found that volunteers who responded to an ad asking for creative volunteers/scored high on tests for creative thinking, had two copies of a particular genetic mutation called neuregulin 1.

Neuregulin 1 has previously been linked to risks of schizophrenia. The scientist postulates that perhaps increased creativity may come from the mutation dampening the region of the brain that can control mood and behavior.

I knew there was reason I get a little loopy sometimes.

VIA new scientist


  1. Finally! Proof!

    *sticks two pencils up his nostrils*

  2. I am sending this post to my loopy loopy nut nut creative friends.