Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I knew this day would come...

Auditions are set for Miss Plastic Hungary. And the only way to qualify is to be botoxed, siliconed, and collagen filled to the max. Is anyone at all saddened by this?


  1. What a scary picture and a scary thought! I remember seeing a program on TV in Britain ages ago and they did a feature on a girl who hated her breasts. At the end, they said "surprise we're going to pay for your op! Then they showed her talking about how much happier she was. What an appalling message to be sending out.

  2. At first I'm shocked, mouth dropped open. Then I immediately picture a dozen people who could be on it, and not all of them are celebrities. Actually--I just found you through the advertising/morality video on kiss my black ad, and realize as a marketer, isn't this a fantastic PR event for the plastic surgery industry...

  3. This sounds like an Onion article. It is, indeed, sad. And absurdly creepy.