Tuesday, June 30, 2009

life is one big cartoon

Cartoons Behaving Badly


artist meet patrons on society 6

Try your chance at big bucks for your art projects here.

oh dean cain i used to love you so...

... but what's become of your hair, he that once was superman?

Is it sad that I share this lady internal dialogue- without the decorative bowls part- but with all the should I be checking my blogs, my twitter, my email, watching videos or reading the actual news (rarely), what's a girl to do with every free internet moment? I'm in a constant state of useless information overload.

bogusky, big wigs, and giant fishing nets

CPB has decided to expose itself. Whatever you tweet, blog or rant about them is now on their beta site. You have to say, they have guts for putting up the good, the bad and the ugly. Here's a link to the site to see for yourself.

you know that word...

Useful site lets you find the word you're looking for but can't quite say. Try it out here.

from heaven to hell at the Standard

Interactive mural for the standard hotel in New York City. Very cool. Somewhat creepy.

OOOM good

OOOM Trailer from MAdM OOOM on Vimeo.

hot couture

Dripping Logos

Rome may burn, but fashion melts in the hands of Jamie Chung.
VIA trendhunter

letters of change

Eine's lettering incorporated into archival photographs that champion the actions of those who stand up to the status quo and create cultural and political movements. The exhibit is playing at the Carmichael Gallery in Cali, if anyone's interested.

VIA woostercollective

Monday, June 29, 2009

Another McSweeney's gem...



You sure look the part. Short beard, tight-fitting thrift-store shirt, slim-fit jeans and large-framed glasses that scream "I'm hip!" I should hire you on appearance alone. But legally, I can't. Besides, there's a lot more to our shop than how we look and dress.

Our culture is very important. We have a culture. No red tape. No corporate layers. No bureaucratic bullshit. But it's not anarchy. It's a meritocracy, with tons of optimism and zero racism. We like diversity. My girlfriend is a pansexual black woman who was raised by Nepalese parents on the Stockholm Archipelago. She was educated in Perth before coming to the States via pneumatic tube.

We're a shop. Not an agency, not a firm − a shop. Other acceptable terms are "boutique interactive solutions studio pad," "branding house," or "post-branding branding garage."

That's another thing, we add "post" as a prefix to words − especially when interfacing with clients. Post-media, post-Internet solutions, etc. If you can't do that, then you're post-employed. Kidding. I'm a creative-type, I say creative things like that.

We drink coffee all day. We brew it in our retro-style kitchen, which is ironic. Post-ironic even.

We're post-Internet web strategists. And we only use Macs. We've got one PC, spray-painted silver. While working, we wear earphones and listen to post-stringed guitar neo-punk by an obscure meta-artist.

...check out the rest here.

rediscovering my love of chekhov

We need new forms of expression. We need new forms, and if we can't have them we had better have nothing.



goosebumpsfitsandmalaria:hannahkarina: (via catprism)

jewelry that navigates

NYC metrocuff VIA gizmodo

Target vampires

I always find it interesting when advertising creates its own world. In the world of true blood vampires exist, as do they in true blood's advertising campaign. Using partnerships with existing brands, True Blood targets the vampires among us. I think it's pretty smart stuff.


house planting

TwistTogether Blocks Tree, LED lamps, twist-together blocks, eco-friendly lighting, lamps

Twist together LED Blocks create a tree.


looking scrabulous

Created by David Mach. Found on trendhunter.

London Ink thinks big

A new promotion for the "London Ink" reality show features a super sized swimmer. I feel this may scare small children.

sarah haskins gets charmed

Thursday, June 25, 2009


VIA changethethought
Masterminded by Nick Blakeman.

one pill makes you bigger


Installation at restaurant Le Germain by Xavier Veilhan.

cool use of augmented reality

Though the real necessity for online shopping is some spectrum with which to judge sizes. Right now the technology seems to be one size fit its all, and it so doesn't.

panoramic views


A music video from a different view. This technology could be very fun many purposes. See more here.


broads, boobs, and buckles

Broads, Boobs and Buckles: The Pinball Art of Dave Christensen

Gotta love it. An exhibit of pinball art by Dave Christensen coming up at the Kristi Engle gallery.

a city of beautiful trash

New York by Kat Macleod…  Where do you look to for inspiration?Our studio is an inspiring place to work, but if I need to go searching I go to the library and photocopy references - good covers, old patterns, kids book illustrations, interesting typography and anything else that catches my eye. There are so many strange and great colour combinations in old books.Who inspires you? My amazing business partners Chloe and Sim, my friends & family, and an endless list of illustrators - my absolute favourites being: Julie Verheoven, Tina Berning, Rene Gruau, Aubrey Beardsley, Quentin Blake, Arthur Rackham and all the artists at Jacky Winter. (via)

design is mine

more thoughts of a new york exodus...

... followed by second thoughts.

" When you leave New York, you are astonished at how clean the rest of the world is. Clean is not enough."
— Fran Lebowitz

11 outfits of the urban freelancer


Is there anything in the world more comfortable then a pair of well-worn pajamas pants?

Cartoon by John Leavitt, VIA the whelk.

sandwiches are getting a little agressive

First there was that Quizno's oven that wanted a seven incher stuck all up in it. Now CPB introduces a sandwich that will blow your mind. We get it. These sandwiches are big, and long, and possibly juicy. My gag reflex is starting to kick in.

techie guys now get groupies

recently started running juicy excerpts from the accidental billionaires- or the story of facebook founding- which includes this charming bit about banging groupies in bathroom stalls.

"Zuckerberg himself remains distant, a robot in a fleece. How strange, then, to see this cipher getting freaky with a coed in a bathroom. Rendering Zuckerberg and [co-founder Eduardo] Saverin as campus studs, Mezrich shows them turning out groupies in adjacent stalls."

On the plus side, no longer are jocks the be all and end all of studliness. No longer do you have to be a rock star to have girls throw themselves at you. It may be due to future gold-digging potential or perhaps even their digital prowess, but geeks are kind of hot right now. Look at Julia Allison, she's made all the techie rounds and then some. Perhaps, that long lost movie "revenge of the nerds" was right afterall.

And maybe, just maybe the geeks shall inherit the earth.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

rock of love novels

People's hottest bachelors. Oh my!

VIA jezebel

chelsea takes on the real housewives of new jersey

make the tag bigger

VIA chunnel

robots are emotional creatures


kind of love this.


the girl who doesn't age

Girl Who Doesn't Grow

"Brooke Greenberg the size of an infant. The mind capacity of a toddler. All at sixteen years of age."-abcnews

A couple days ago, I finally got around to watching the curious case of benjamin button, and it had be wondering about life stages and the expectations we all have about how our mind,body and personalities will age. Only when see an oddity; aging not behaving as usual, do we recognize how ingrained each stage is.

That's why cases like Brooke Greenberg are so fascinating. Brooke Greenberg has doctors baffled. The years pass but neither her body or her mind ages, at least not as one would expect. While she is not entirely a fountain of youth, some parts are developing and aging, allbeit slowly. There's never been a case like her before. Her mother has taken to conceiving her daughters years in terms of months, while Brooke's body doesn't age, Brooke's mother is convinced that her personality changes. According to her, Brooke has the rebellious nature of a sixteen year old.

One of my pet peeves with Benjamin Button was that while the trappings of physical aging were addressed in some awe-inspiring ways, the mentality of the character through the years didn't always full reflect stages of life: he didn't talk like a child, when he was child or a teenager as a teenager. But perhaps, the lines aren't so clear and aging in many ways is a matter of perspective.

A story about brooke is airing this Friday on 20/20, if anyone is curious.

barely awake

Wish I was here:

eric zener painter painting

Instead I'm here:
eric zener painter painting

Paintings by Eric Zener.
VIA booooom

pac man on twitter

Pac-Man Twitter

VIA laughing squid


Tattoos for Couples


so surreal

Tuesday, June 23, 2009



Jon & Kate +8+reality tv= divorce
Jessica+Nick+reality tv=divorce
Carmen Electra+Dave Navarro+ reality wedding= divorce
Britney Spears+ kFed+ reality special= divorce
Travis Barker + Shannon Moakler+ reality shit show= divorce
Petere Andre+ Katie Price+ reality show/soft corn porn= divorce
Danny Bonaduce + that other redhead+ reality/intervention show= divorce
Hulk knows best+ Linda+ hulktastic reality smackdown= divorce
Brett Micheals/Flava Flave/Ray J/New York/Daisy/ Bachelor/Bachelorette/+random other
+fake marriage= divorce.
Am I missing any?

Not a winning formula for love, but at least it works for ratings.

home project

Living Lamp

sustainable design, green gardening, apartment gardening, green indoors, your way to coway, plant, stand

VIA inhabitat

mass reading

One Thousand Casmurros from Livead on Vimeo.

Very cool project. Perhaps, books aren't dead afterall.

Damm Apes on Twitter!!!

Monkey Typewriter keyboardRandom Monkey typingJimmy the Twitter MonkeyWill he type your name? A cuss word? Will his writings be more inane then you average twitterati? Scientists are yearning to know. If you're curious, check out the odds of having your name spelled out by our monkey friend here. And yes, I am following this monkey on twitter.

read from bottom up



another one from the blok

One anniversary, my dad gave my mom a catalogue of all the things he would buy her if he had money. She was all smiles about it. Perhaps, that is why I find these necklaces quite amusing.