Tuesday, June 23, 2009



Jon & Kate +8+reality tv= divorce
Jessica+Nick+reality tv=divorce
Carmen Electra+Dave Navarro+ reality wedding= divorce
Britney Spears+ kFed+ reality special= divorce
Travis Barker + Shannon Moakler+ reality shit show= divorce
Petere Andre+ Katie Price+ reality show/soft corn porn= divorce
Danny Bonaduce + that other redhead+ reality/intervention show= divorce
Hulk knows best+ Linda+ hulktastic reality smackdown= divorce
Brett Micheals/Flava Flave/Ray J/New York/Daisy/ Bachelor/Bachelorette/+random other
+fake marriage= divorce.
Am I missing any?

Not a winning formula for love, but at least it works for ratings.


  1. You knock this clear out of the park! Happy marriage = no tv show!

  2. Seriously, I think Trista and Ryan from the Bachelorette may be the only reality tv success story ever.

    I also think we can preemptively put Speidi on the list because, let's be honest, that marriage is not going to last.

  3. But what's the overall celebrity divorce rate...?