Thursday, June 25, 2009

techie guys now get groupies

recently started running juicy excerpts from the accidental billionaires- or the story of facebook founding- which includes this charming bit about banging groupies in bathroom stalls.

"Zuckerberg himself remains distant, a robot in a fleece. How strange, then, to see this cipher getting freaky with a coed in a bathroom. Rendering Zuckerberg and [co-founder Eduardo] Saverin as campus studs, Mezrich shows them turning out groupies in adjacent stalls."

On the plus side, no longer are jocks the be all and end all of studliness. No longer do you have to be a rock star to have girls throw themselves at you. It may be due to future gold-digging potential or perhaps even their digital prowess, but geeks are kind of hot right now. Look at Julia Allison, she's made all the techie rounds and then some. Perhaps, that long lost movie "revenge of the nerds" was right afterall.

And maybe, just maybe the geeks shall inherit the earth.

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  1. You know how I feel on this particular topic :)

    *big grin*