Monday, June 22, 2009

ugly girlfriend

Bacardi Breeze created this website in Tel Aviv encouraging people to get an ugly girlfriend and make themselves look better this summer. Rather than funny it's just kind of cruel. While there's some truth to it, I don't know if it helps bacardi's case to go there.

I watched a recent bridezilla where the bride made all her bridesmaids gain weight to make herself look better. Yes I do watch bridezilla, and yes this bride was a particularly poor specimen of humankind. I always wonder how they cast these sort of roles in ads and movies, do they inform the models about how they are going to be used.I would hate to be the face of ugly girlfriend.


  1. Wow that's really sad. Especially the bride who made her bridesmaids gain weight. That's just ridiculous.

  2. This is pretty ridiculous. I actually just saw that bridezillas (my guilty TV pleasure) and I couldn't believe it when she whipped out the scale at the spa. If you need all of your bridesmaids to swear to remain over 200 lbs to be in your wedding, you have some serious self esteem issues.

  3. What I don't get is why these girls have bridesmaids. Who would put up with this?! Fancast now has Bridezillas! Check it out-

  4. Cool AD campaign! It really gets me motivated, seriously!

    Bacardi FTW.