Monday, June 15, 2009

The Cutting Room: user generated events

The Cutting Room experiment is a fascinating use of space and social media. Here's the details...

"The Cutting Room Experiment is your chance to have your idea for a one off, professionally organised, mass participation event for hundreds of people to be put into reality. Think about flash mobs. Think about mass participation. Think about a collection of people in a space, at one time, all doing something together. That's what the Cutting Room Experiment is all about. Get involved.

So if you it want to be part of an enactment of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the Mobile phone orchestra or the Tea Time Waltz, get involved. Alternatively submit your ideas and get them voted for and enjoy the experiment.

Cutting Room is a new public space in Ancoats which has just been launched by the North West Regional Development Agency and New East Manchester."

There's something really interesting about public space used so fluidly. I love the idea of the events being generated by the actual public that actually attends it. A mass impetus a creativity if you will. And I particularly love the book of a thousand authors and chain stories idea. I so wish I lived in Manchester. I love this stuff.

Found on PSFK.

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