Saturday, March 14, 2009

You just read my mind!

In a recent study, conducted in the U.K., scientists were finally able to make strides toward reading the minds of experiment participants using brain scanners. Tracking neural activity the scientists were able to determine the inner workings of participants spatial memories as they went through a maze.

The study was led by UCL's Professor Eleanor Maguire who had already shown that a small area of the brain behind a region called the hippocampus is enlarged in male taxi drivers who had done "The Knowledge" – memorising the maze of London streets.
"Remarkably, using this technique we found that we could accurately predict the position of an individual within this virtual environment solely from the pattern of activity within their hippocampus," she said.

Scientists at the University of London assert that it will be at least ten years before they can literally read people's minds, and even longer before the experiment can be done involuntarily. Progress, however, is moving slowly in this direction.

Silly scientists. This looks like a job for Professor Xavier or at least a well-heeled Mel Gibso

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