Friday, March 20, 2009

Invasion of the Alien Models

I was checking out of the work of artist Chris Scarborough over at brainpickings. Apparently, he takes ordinary people and exaggerates them to a dehumanized extent, creating "an air of unearthly eeriness". The pics are pretty cool, but is it just me or do the freak people just look like any other fashion model these days.

As of late, popular models not only have lollipop heads, holding on for dear life to their impossible skinny bodies, but they look so thin that their eyes appear to be bugging out of these very heads.

I first noticed this phenomena with Whitneys' gal pal Allie on The City. On the show, Allie the Alien, was horribly offended by Kelly Cutrone, who, possibly recognizing her as a member of an Alien Tribe, encouraged her to eat in order to fit in with rest of fleshy human kind. Allie, of course, does not need solid food to survive. Kelly was apparently unaware that alien beings only needed liquid sustenance. And Allie the Alien was enraged.

At first, I assumed Allie came in peace, her only earthly desires being the company of male models and a forum for the emissions of woe is me willowy expressions, but she was one angry alien, and she's been an angry alien every since, she now probes said male model more than ever. Which all leads me to me to worry about the rest of her race...

... Initially, I thought Allie was the first of her kind, like E.T., or something. But no the aliens are everywhere. As I looked through some fashion magazines they were on every page. Alien have invaded every magazine.

.... Meanwhile, the silly Japanese think they are being all new-age with their robot model, at fashion week, don't they know that anorexic alien is the height of high fashion. Get into the space age, foolish people, or else!!!


  1. My sister has some photography (photography/Photoshop work) along the same lines--dehumanizing what already looked inhuman in the first place. Maybe you'd enjoy?

  2. but I think allie is pretty....

    pretty stupid for trusting Adam!

    but she is still pretty.

  3. allie is so pretty.
    i think you are just jealous.
    she's hot, go allie!

  4. I don't call it the "alien look". I call it the "child" look. Having the proportions of a child, yet be big enough to pass for an adult. Large head, straight body w/almost no development (hips/chest, etc.). I find this a true perversion. What ever happened to being 'wholesome', 'cute', 'pretty', 'sexy'? Now they want celebs to look like children, yet put on an air of 'authority' or 'sexuality'. Also crimes against children will increase because of this being promoted as "the desirable look" for yet younger and younger children as peer pressure increases for them to look "the look" (read, more grownup. Not a good thing at all.