Tuesday, March 31, 2009

who hates the MTA today. Everybody!

This morning everywhere I look someone is hating on the impending MTA fare hikes accompanied by a generous cut in service. What do these naysayers have to say? Nothing we all weren't thinking. Over at flavorwire, author Carrie Tucker of I love Geeks fame, expresses her outrage quite nicely in an interview:

FW: You are a superhero vigilante who fights for the rights of the downtrodden and jobless. If you had to pound on the villains behind our economic crisis, who are the baddies you would target and which of your powers would you use to dole out furious justice?

CT: One of my biggest targets would be the [New York Metropolitan Transit Authority]. I HATE the MTA. Total crooks who drove themselves into billions of dollars of debt just because they mismanaged a budget (well, OK, and relied on real-estate revenue), and then turned around and said, “Hey, Citizens of New York, how’s about you pay a lot more for your public transportation and get service cuts so we can cover our asses? What, you don’t like it? Then we’ll toll your East River bridges too, how’s about that?” I imagine them as cigar-chomping villains, with red eyes and smoke coming out of their asses. I’d have to go the “Death Note” approach here. I’d have to say that I’d go ahead and [write] an actual death note like the heroes [on that show] do, on the MTA. How would that solve the problem? I’ve no idea, but it sure would make me feel better, damn it! for more geekiness click

Over at the New York Times Miranda Purves  “wanted to find some way to convey the less tangible costs of service cuts and fare hikes.” The resulting project, created in collaboration with illustrator Jason Logan, is a series of simple, yet telling text-based graphics that provide a brief glimpse into the lives of some of the individuals being effected.  So here's a visual image of how much people think this fare hike will suck. You can see more of  the pics here. But you get gist, people need these services. Thanks for nothing MTA.

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  1. Why is it so hard for the MTA to turn a profit? Since I have moved to New York in 2001 the only noticeable difference I have seen in the subways are the led signs on the L line, the elimination of tellers, the elimination of the token, and the fare hikes up to soon to be $2.50. I remember when the MTA was caught a few years ago keeping two sets of books, one to display to the public and the media, and the others a secret version showing the MTA had a surplus of cash. So where does all of the MTA’s money go? In this new economy can we continue to fund this type of ruthless corruption? If your answer is no contact you representative. It only takes a few minutes to jot off an email your local congressman and senator by emailing you can do more in a few minutes that years of complaining to people that cannot do anything about it...