Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thanks Tyra

Not too long ago, a poll found that tween girls choosing modeling as their top career goal had reached 1950's level . This saddened me. But I thought, perhaps, kids these days didn't know any better. I'm sure prancing around in fancy things looks alot more fun then molecular biology to a teenager.  

But, today Oxygen released a new poll for women age 18-24 asking if women would rather win a Nobel Peace Prize or America's Next Top Model,  25%  more respondents would rather win top model.

Now let me weigh the options 
a) save the world 
b) Be on the cover of a few magazines, chase a well-weathered Peter Brady around the surreal life house, get implants, do your own reality show about nagging said has-been actor until he marries you.

I choose a.


  1. These days society places such emphasis on looking good and looking young that it's created a world of implanted, nipped and tucked people who feel if they paid for it, they should show it off. This is why everyone wants to be a model, on a stage, on reality tv, etc... Very sad, for sure.


  2. my sister is actually a model and she said the reality is about a million times suckier than what you see on TV. you can't eat what you want, you have to exercise constantly and you don't really DO anything, so it's surprisingly dull. photo shoots tend to lose their allure after about six hours.