Monday, March 30, 2009

proofread or else someone else will...

The P & A patrol is after errant copywriters everywhere. Now, people can buy  these P&A Stickers and have their copy-editing way with ads. According to the site,  these little reds stickers can be utilized for "miserable spelling, horrid grammar, malformed syntax, bizarre comma splices - whatever you see, arm yourself and educate others."

I'm glad they don't have these stickies for blogs. This idea may prove more annoying then useful, as other people correcting you often tends to be. The best impetus for proofreading ever presented to me still has to be this clever spoken word performance from Taylor Mali.  It makes a grammar lesson easier to swallow.


  1. english is nothing but a bunch of scrambled letters - a quick exercise in literal interpretation by the brain of the english letters is this: try to gseus the wdors taht are slepeld - as lnog as the fisrt leettr and lsat ltteer of the wrod are in pcale, a slepl ckheecr is not neeedd.

  2. That must've required so much practice to get just right... really!

    I think the only one I often make is 'pubically' and 'publicly' -- but I've SEEN all of the others in other people's writings :)