Tuesday, March 31, 2009

make peace with music

This campaign for RAM FM is visually appealing and has a very tangible point, music cross many divides. I've always felt that this was true. My dad is a big music fan. And he would often tell us stories growing up about how in The Ukraine people would primarily smuggle in two things on the black market, Levi's Jeans and music. He didn't care that much for jeans, but his black-market Beatles albums are his favorite to this day.

It may not seem like much. But, in small ways, music allowed people living under the communist regime to question the propaganda that implied the noncommunist world was this great evil. If the people under democratic regimes were so poor and oppressed, as the propaganda would have you believe, why were their songs so darn peppy? Music connects people that's what makes it so powerful. There's no culture they doesn't understand a love song. 

93.6 Radio is hoping to serve a similiar social purpose, also known as Peace Radio, the station attempts to create a cultural bridge between the people of Israel and Palestine, through the most universal social glue there is: Music.  This is a bit of advertising that I hope actually works.

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