Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cindy Sherman takes on the botox set

Cindy Sherman has made a career out of transforming herself into different variations of females in the male gaze. In her latest manifestation, she takes on the aging beauty. Sherman Evokes Aging, Botoxed Dames in $250,000 Photos one often sees hanging over the mantel in the houses of the upper-crst. Sporting heavy makeup, wigs, fake nails and teeth, artist Cindy Sherman transforms herself into a cast of aging society matrons.

The exhibition at the Metro Pictures gallery – her first in New York in four years – consists of 14 large-scale color photographs; each stars the chameleon-like artist disguised as yet another bejeweled, Botoxed dame. Despite the variations of surgery and scenery,
all the women end up in a uniform of sameness - all seeming to fighting a desperate battle with time.

The caricatures are sad and oh so appropriate for these declining times, as the Tycoons fall what becomes of their faded wives. As usual, Cindy Sherman caricatures are merciless.

To see more from the gallery click here.


  1. Great blog. Thanks for the images.

    If you love Cindy Sherman's work as much as I do, I just have to recommend that you check out the movie "Guest of Cindy Sherman." It's playing now. Definitely worth watching.

    Here's the link: http://www.cinemavillage.com/chc/cv/show_movie.asp?movieid=1529

  2. I want to go so bad!!!

  3. Luv the pics you chose from the set which I was glad to get to see via the link you provided. How did I miss this show in Dec? Thanks for this...and for the blog, a new favorite ;)

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  5. To be honest, they are awful! ha ha ha I think you should try with other pictures. By the way, this year alone, there were over 3 million Botox injection procedures given. This number continues to grow each year by about 25%.