Monday, March 30, 2009

snuggie v. slanket v. freedom blanket v. blankoat

The writers over at gizmodo have a battle royale raging between monk robe/blanket/mumu like garments. Here's the contenders, all equally hideous. What say you?

For more on these beauties click here.


  1. Haven't house coats been around forever? I feel like Kris Kross revamped the bath robe and now they're selling like hot cakes

  2. Never deal with Freedom Blanket! They do not have anyone that understand's e@mail, or customer service. Would like to copare with Slanklet but from Oct. 28 2009 till today have never recieved a response. Ordered a Slanklet for myself and then for my parentd and son. All ordered arivied within a week. Would copare with Freedom Blanket, but have never recived it or had them reply to my e@mails. Tsgt. Jeff Miller