Thursday, March 19, 2009

When Kenley attacks

Kenley Collins was recently arrested for attacking her boyfriend with a laptop, a cat, and three apples.  I always knew there was a little bit of crazy under those knit-sets. But, I feel the media is being way too hard on Kenley, she's not the only Project Runway graduate to go wild.

Here's the other under reported Project Run-Away  calamities of 2009 that the media failed to pick up on..

Laura Bennet joins forces with Octomom, popping out an army of ginger-haired super-children, bent on destroying the world.

Austin Scarlett attacks one of the little pageant girls on  VH1 with a faulty bedazzler.

In an attempt to have more tatoos on his ass then his neck, Jeffrey Sebelia, is rendered in capable of sitting, laying, or talking out of said ass. 

Chris March accidently sits on Tim Gunn, who is never to be seen again.

After succeeding to make his hair even more fabulous, then it already is, Christian Siriano, proceeds to poke out his own eye with a particularly well-gelled hair spike.

Michael Kors' orange glow convinces an aging Willie Wonka to mistake him for an oompa loompa, Michael Kors is then forced into a life of servitude fording the the chocolate river for the rest of his days.

Heidi Klum loses all ability to speak, rendering her likeable.

And Nina Garcia is of course... bored to death.


  1. hahaha this is too funny. and wtf kenley?? i always knew she was a bit of a whack job. lol

  2. i hoped you saw this. I always hated kenley and faux fashion love affair with herself. She was so unoriginal it hurt. Her voice and tired red lips made me want to throw my cat and her annoying image on my television. Oh wait, I have self control.