Monday, March 23, 2009

Ikea concept car, really?

Let me preface this by saying I like IKEA, in fact, my entire bedroom is made up of IKEA furniture and knick-knacks, but I'm kinda hoping this isn't real. It's o.k. when my IKEA lamp cracks, or my IKEA shelf starts to indent, quirky design at a cheap price, you take what you can get. But, I'm not sure if I want to assemble my own IKEA car, especially with my track record.

The car is supposedly being designed by Christophe Grozs, who extols the virtues of this new environmentally friendly concept car on this site. Apparently, WWF has something to do with it. Since, the site is in french I'm not sure if it's legit, but take a look if you Parlez-vous fran├žais ( thank you google translator.)

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