Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why, it couldn't be easier!

SC Johnson conducted a recent cleaning technology survey about the products that American housewives are yearning for in the years to come. 

Here's the top three:
- a garbage can that cleans itself (60 percent)
- a stovetop that will rid itself of stains and food spills once a day (59 percent)
- a dryer that folds laundry (47 percent)

Here's my top three:

- A wine bottle that opens itself.
- A remote that clicks for me.
- An exercise machine that does the moving for me,  ridding me of the pesky calories I accumulated while drinking my never-ending, now easy to open, wine, while laying on the couch being entranced by my magic remote.


  1. I'm looking for a microwave that will wipe itself out, a bed that will make itself and toilet paper roll that will refill itself considering I always forget to check before I sit down.

  2. Yeah I feel like toilet paper rolls shouldn't still be so annoying. This is the future, people! Why do I have to touch that nasty roll thing that is always impossible to take off?

    lindsay || newyorkwords.net

  3. Hmm I'm still waiting on a vacuum that will maneuver itself around the house and then dump itself out.

  4. Love your top three, mine would be:

    - A puppy that will pick up his own poop in a poop bag (or use the toilet)
    - Ice-cream that will help me lose weight
    - Clothes that require no ironing and look good as new after multiple washes

    Love the blog and all the vintage and quirky artwork, make me chuckle :-)