Thursday, March 26, 2009

13 year old baby daddy not daddy after all

Not too long ago, the Mirror broke the story about Alfie, the baby-faced 13 year old father to his 14 year old girfriend, Chantelle Stadman's first child, Maisie. Unlike Levi Johnston the little guy wanted to be a daddy past the tabloid cycle. But, apparently, he's not a daddy after all. 

A paternity test revealed that Alfie is not the father of Maisie. In fact, the father can be any one of the many boys that Chantelle fooled around with at school. It's a sad story for Chantelle, and Maisie, but at least Alfie can go back to playing videogames.


  1. They are kids, its their age to play, not to be parents.. What are their actual parents doing?

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  2. *rolls eyes* ...Chantelle is a ho-bag at 14. What proud parents SHE must have!


  3. Kudos to Alfie's parents for paying for that paternity test. Definitely the best $250 they've ever spent.

  4. Woah....that girl is ruining her life..poor boy, doesn't even know how hard being a father is.
    That girl must be responsible for what she did! And her parents!!! Where are her parents!?