Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One story. One sentence.

I discovered this website a little bit ago ( but forget all about it).  Thankfully,  someone posted a link to it on their facebook status, and I stalked my way back to the site. pretty much has the affect of postsecrets, a small look into the lives of other. Supposedly, it's all "true stories". If so truth is, indeed, stranger and often more evocative than fiction. Here's some of  the great one-liners from March.  

I have a twisted family that made believe that chocolate milk came from brown cows until I was 14.

Even though I only saw her a handful of times in my life, whenever I see turquoise jewelry, I want to start crying and apologize for all the unsent letters.

Before I hit puberty, my whole body could fit through a coat hanger, but I still thought I was fat.

I suddenly felt more isolated than before when I realized that my husband and I were in the same house, communicating by Twitter.

There isn't much greater evidence that you've had a fun night than waking up under a pool table with a picture of a horse and a stapler.

Here's a little more if your interested. 


  1. I love post secret, and seriously enjoy reading all these :) And I so feel on that part about twitter, it's just way easier and not require me to move :P

  2. mila broke her shirt todayMarch 25, 2009 at 2:27 PM

    I got grounded in 6th grade for asking what a condom was because I had heard it on a Golden Girls episode.