Tuesday, March 17, 2009

.... because robot models don't fight back

Yesterday, the tabloids were up in a tizzy about America's Next Top Model Auditions gone Wild.

"A New York street was left strewn with shoes, clothing and torn sleeping bags after a stampede by thousands of wannabe models waiting to audition for a reality television show. Six people were injured and three arrested as chaos erupted in the queue for America's Next Top Model, a search-for-a-star show hosted by the former supermodel Tyra Banks. More than 10,000 people descended on midtown Manhattan on Saturday for auditions for the new series, which this time will try to break the fashion industry mould by looking only for women below 5ft 7in tall. Many at the front of the queue had been camping out for more than 24 hours but, as more and more entrants arrived, tempers rose and organisers found themselves unable to cope with the deluge.As an overheated car rolled past the queue, raising fears of an explosion, pandemonium broke out. Some witnesses said an applicant shouted "there's a bomb". People were knocked down or fainted as the crowd surged, police ploughed in and fights erupted."

Silly human models with human emotions. The Japanese, smarter then us Americans, have opted for a robot-model for their fashion week. Meet HRP-4C, a model who will be walking the runway in a Tokyo fashion show on March 23. Unlike most fashion models, she's only five foot two. And her body is made of metal, not just her brain!

According to Breitbart, the "girlie-faced humanoid" has "slightly oversized eyes, a tiny nose and a shoulder length hair-do. HRP-4C has 42 motion motors programmed to mimic the movements of flesh-and-blood fashion models. She can't really bust a move yet, but at least she won't talk back to Tyra.

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