Wednesday, February 18, 2009

From Straight A's to Sexting

Every year, there's a new threat to the "virginal" minds of teenagers that has suburban moms all up in a tizzy. In the 90's, it was chat rooms and exposed belly buttons, and now according to Dhalia Litwick, the latest threat of all threats, is
sexting. Apparently, young girls everywhere are sending naked pictures to their boyfriends via insidious text messaging technology.

On one hand, I think this should be discouraged. Even it's teenagers just being teenagers, when you send a naughty text to a horny boy, in all likelihood, he is sharing it with the rest of his equally horny friends. Look what happened to the ever bashful Miley Cyrus. And since a teenage relationship lasts all of two weeks, the pictures will probably make their way around sooner rather than later. So it's best to play it safe girlies.

On the other hand, how awesome would this be as a Lifetime Movie.

" Anne was on honor roll, the perfect daughter till she received her first cell phone, a first cell phone that was followed by a first text message. A message discovered by her mother who was not ROFL-ing about it at all. In fact, OMG this message was dirty. Soon, Anne was sexting away on the streets. She receives her first F in chemistry class. A downward spiral ensues. Anne meets a guy with a leather jacket, rides away on a motorcycle, contracts five venereal diseases, is impregnated, becomes a heroine addict, kills her twin sister, and perishes in post-apocalyptic hell-fire."


  1. hello, look at the vanessa hudgens scandal. clearly zach efron liked those nudie texts and the oscars still let her sing at them.

  2. hahaha, that was pretty funny