Saturday, February 21, 2009

short pants make me angry

Once upon a time, in high school, I was an art student. I soon discovered that I was incapable of drawing straight lines. I could sketch, I could make decent caricatures, but straight lines put an end to any chance of a future art career. One thing I did love to do, however, was draw people on the subway; a hurried activity, usually accompanied by clever paper covering techniques (One time I was particularly obvious, and my subject was non to pleased about my rendition of his hairline.) So I figured now that I have a place to share my doodles, I might as well take up the old habit again. This one is of an awfully cheery fellow on the five train.


  1. Thats great, i bet that could sell really well :) I used to want to be a cartoonist but that idea went by the wayside....

  2. This is great, and sounds like a wonderful hobby. And I wouldn't have thought that straight lines were so critical co an art career. If I need a straight line I find ruler. Curves, require an artist.

  3. I think an inability to draw straight was indicative of an inability to commit to precision and "neatness" in my work. Or so my high school art teachers used to say.