Sunday, February 15, 2009


I'll be the first to admit it, any play with a clingy Jewish mother just leaves me fahklempt. I just saw The American Plan last night, and it was real good, the kind of good that makes you laugh till it makes you cry good. And for me, the kind of play that makes me horribly jealous of the abilities of the playwright. It wasn't a perfect play but it really drew me in. The writing in this play hits home in all the right and wrong places. Richard Greenberg, of Take Me Out fame, brings characters to life that charm you while deceiving you.

Lie after lie is told, until finally the true characters begin to emerge. For all their character flaws and varied deceptions, the characters are real and tragic. At one point, the lead actress translates an old German song to her former lover," Happiness exists but it's for other people. "I couldn't help it, by the end, I found myself knowing the truth but still wanting to believe the lies.

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