Monday, February 16, 2009

Hit Me Baby

The days were innocent. We were all teeny boppers then. The economy was great and the world was safe for bubble gum pop. All you needed to strike it rich was an exposed belly button. Strange to think it was only ten years ago, that Britney's hit "baby one more time" topped the pop charts. It seems a world away from her hair shaving, one-night stand marrying, british-accented antics of the last few years. But it seems that Britney's back and perhaps back to her old form. At least physically. So it's interesting to see the writers at n+1 muse about the finer points of her first hit.

One writer analyzes the lyrical " My loneliness is killing me, really selling the call and response."

Another writer attempts the political "I keep coming back to the thought that the ascendance and persistence of Britney Spears has coincided with the ascendance and persistence of a cynical government. We've been looking at Britney, and faces like hers—blank, and unrepentantly blank—for too long."

Check out the rest of the heady fair on the empty vessel that is Ms. Britney.

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