Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Recession Proof Brooklyn

The kind folks over at Brooklyn-Based have come up with a list of great things to do in the BK when you're low on cash. Since, I often find myself in that predicament, I love these kind of lists.                                  

Here's some of my favorites...
3. Take a free canoe ride on the Gowanus (come March) for a cool close up of industrial decay.
5. Scope out the Flea's Dumbo Pop-Up Market: Snack on gourmet eats for $5 or less.
22. Cheap internet ( i.e. FREE) Tea Lounge. And music on Friday's with suggested donations.
24. Brighton Beach.  (I call this one Free Russian Parade.)  brooklynbased. 

                           And here's a couple of my own suggestions...
1.  $15  Miller High Life Buckets at Last Exit Bar and some cheap DUB pie. (only because it's down stairs). 
2. A trip to the key lime pie shop in Red Hook, a view of the statue of liberty, and a free self-guided tour of the fenced area around the Real World Brooklyn house.
3. A Po' Boy with a free beer at Stan's Place on Tuesdays.
4. Never getting your turn while watching  other people play bocce ball for Free at Floyd's.  This also applies to Union Hall in Park Slope.
5. Free animal spectacular provided by the crazy guy with the snake that walks the    Brighton Beach boardwalk every summer.
6.  Free board games and precarious pork sandwich at Brooklyn Ice House.
7.  Freewilliamsburg activities posted all year.
8.  A romantic evening, with the soothing sounds of DeerHunter, by the roaring fireplace at Camp.
9. Free samples at Trader Joe's on Atlantic. Come with friends.
10. Free bus ride to Ikea to pick up those cheap blue bags to carry the laundry you haven't done yet, because you were too cheap.

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  1. damn it, i knew there was a place i wanted to bring my boyfriend this valentine's -- nothing says i love you more than a playful splish splash in the gonorrhea infested waters of the gowanus canal.