Wednesday, February 18, 2009

found poetry as discovered on commercial breaks

A little something from the old circuit.


We've been form fed our lives since the era of mass media,
Yet we never felt in need of a break today
We just keep on going and going without every knowing our way
We don't know what we do but we Just do it all the time 
It doesn't matter how bad it gets 
Cause we're good till the last drop
so we'll drop the bomb and carry on and never think 
about the lives at stake or that it may too late
Cause in the end we're worth it.

Our minds dead weight because we can't express
we do leave home without it because we're used to caring less
The world was too much with us a time
But the weight of the world is a heavy load
when standing in a checkout line
So we just care about our share
Seeking better things for better lives through chemistry
Reshaping our bodies with the wonders of plastics
Digging the whole in our souls 
until we just fall into gap.

Why bother to remold our mind when we only 
sometimes feel like a nut
So we'll continue to disregard the fact that
inequality is built into the fabric of our lives
or that every institution has become a form of prostitution
Cause does she or doesn't she, doesn't matter
As long as a diamond is forever you don't need to be together

We are the new lost generation 
knowing only the most of ephemeral sensations
We've grown up with TIVO and pop stars 
and once you pop just can't stop
And why would you if there's a quicker picker upper
Ignorance,the opiate of the masses, and yes it is bliss
If you can have it your way, who cares what happens overseas
why do what you should when you could do what you please
you're everywhere you want to be
who cares if everywhere is on the couch, watching T.V.
why would you obey your thirst for knowledge
why speak if the words just melt in your mouths
and its not in your hands to make a change.

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