Friday, March 13, 2009

The dirty boys of banking or bye bye Britney...

... and hello Madoff.

As of late, celebrity baby-making and limo side vajayjay has been bad business. According to the New York Times, celebretards are out, and bankertards are in. 

Apparently, sites like TMZ and shows like Extra are switching from coverage about the antics of wayward celebrities to exposes from the corporate underbelly of society.

Bankers gone wild, if you will. Paparazzi are flashing their bulbs at every corporate scam artist, AIG executive,  and stockbroker's broken-hearted girlfriend they can find. And the American people are loving it.

TMZ, drove mainstream media coverage with a blog post late last month " Bailout Bank Blows Millions Partying in L.A", your tax dollars, hard at work". And that was only the start. Apparently, now all that other stuff is fluff and the time for childish things is gone, even for the paparazzi? Does this mean that the days of  best beach bodies is over? Because,  I really don't want to see bank managers in their skivvies.

Now, instead of stalking NOBU the paparazzi wait for corporate jet landings, snapping pictures of taxpayer money wasted, inducing "shame in the shameless".In theory, this seems like a step up to serious issues for the tabloid press. But is it just me, or does creating celebrities out of crooks, just poise them for book opportunities and lifetime movie fame? 

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