Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rojo-Out : the art of billboards

As anyone who works in advertising knows the best billboards work with the least amount of words, a reality that leaves one thinking that perhaps billboards are not best suited for the hard sell. Rojo-Out agrees. They started an artist initiative in 2006, to take over billboards in Barcelona. Each year 20 international emerging artists works are displayed on outdoor canvases, on backlight billboards, each piece is strategically placed. Here' s some of the billboards so can check out more on their site.


  1. I have always loved billboards. Even the ugly ones. When i was little, I would press my nose against the window in hopes that we would pass one. I was a sad child.

    lindsay ||

  2. Aww. My first words in english were can I have a coke please? I was an even sadder child of corporate branding.