Thursday, March 12, 2009

Comcast goes Simstastic

Growing up I played The Sims for hours. My friends would actually come over and we'd name characters after boys we liked and have fake sims marriages, only to have our Sim's boyfriends cheat with other Sim's friends. Apparently, when you leave two Sims together in a room  too long they become more than friends. Mostly, we'd just lock eachother in the bathroom, till our Sims selves died of hunger and sleep deprivation.

My favorite part of Sims, however, was making my Sims house, and Comcast has borrowed this part in a fun new website. Above is my lovely abode. I always like when brands give you something you can make your own, it almost makes me tolerate them. 

This game is a smart way to get in the tv, phone, and internet plug, since the three are required accessories to your home. It's fun to play, even if you don't get around to the Comcastic part.

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