Thursday, March 12, 2009

Without god we'd all want to bang fluffy creatures

This video is pretty funny. But for those of you banned from watching videos at work, here's the gist of this delightful parody.

What if God disappeared? Just imagine. Random disasters. Horror like nothing we've seen.
No one would ever do anything about malaria, or aids, and Hurricane Katrina.
With no after life, why bother helping anyone?
Worse even ...
Sunsets would be meaningless.
Babies would no longer bring joy, a babies laugh would become a mere sound from diaper-soiling thing...and a puppy rather then being cute for the fluffy fur created by God to bring adorableness into our lives would just be an object which we could have sex with if we wanted.
ANd of course we would all become crazy cannibals.

This video makes fun, but I feel that some of these excerpts are borrowed from Sarah Palin's diary.

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