Thursday, March 12, 2009


A few years back I came upon the Adicolor Black video and I never looked at a panda the same way. I had finally recovered from my pandaphobia, and began to see pandas as our bamboo-eating little friends again, then I came upon this artist, and now our furry friends don't look quite so much like cuddle buddies anymore.

These paintings, are by Luke Chueh ( the master of brute meets cute) , and are currently being featured in his From the Light Cometh Darkness exhibit. I think they are oddly captivating.

I've always found it strange how we have made stuffed animals of creatures, who, if encountered in the wild, would be far from friendly with us.  The fluffy pandas and cuddle bunnies of our creation, have no dark side. We almost forget they are wild animals. Perhaps, that's why it's so disturbing when their dark side is presented. 

And with killer monkey pets wandering our streets, it makes me wonder which of our other animal friends will go awry next. The bunny, puppy dogs, teddy bears, or perhaps something we'd never expect.

Not unicorns! Is nothing sacred?

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  1. oh my! bears, bears and more bears, let me see who other bears miss in this site, OK yoggie, misha, care bears and of course the most recent created bear, pedobear.