Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I have a doughnut habit

Those who know me have already mocked my doughnut habit. Those who don't, feel free. I get a doughnut every other day from cupcake cafe. My doughnut is my little bit of cheer in the morning, and after work on the bad days.  It's gotten to the point, where I don't even have to ask for one when I come in.  They just know. Once the guy even gave me a free doughnut because he knew I'd come back for more, I felt like he was my dealer. It was awkward.

I don't really feel like kicking the habit just yet. This maybe a passing phase, in college I ate PBJ for three weeks straight. But right now, I'm all about the doughnut. I'm a big fan of a good old fashioned doughnuts, no glaze, no icing, no sprinkles: just plain glorious dough. However, I'm well aware that others like a little more variety. For those of you with a doughnut habit I randomly came upon this great list of New York's best doughnut haunts. 

I'm sticking to cupcake cafe for a while but some of these look real good.  The homer simpson in me is covetous.


  1. Lush....

    I love it when people in shops know your order, my coffee cart guy has my medium with milk and sugar ready when he spots me a block away...that's love...

  2. Don't forget our wonderbar bologna phase. That lasted a good month too.

  3. Do you know what the name of the donut in the top right corner of the first picture is? It looks really close to the kind my Hubby likes but i can't find a recipe because i'm not sure what its called.