Wednesday, March 4, 2009

With one class you too can be Internet Famous

Calling all parents.  Are you looking for yet another way to spend your hard-earned money on your good for nothing kids? 

Has your waste of sperm and egg already flunked out of prestigious Reality TV School

Have no fear! There's hope for them yet. Your spawn will be blogging out of your basement in no time. Yes, your kid is one class away from being propelled into Internet Stardom. Sign up your child today. After completing a grueling course-load, including such in demand skills as Tweeting, Friending, and posting of embarrassing pictures on Flckr, they will be well on their way. It's a thousands dollars worth of education sure to last fifteen minutes.

I kid. I kid. If I took this class, perhaps more people would be reading this post.


  1. I don't want more people reading you. I want you to be my little secret, lol.

  2. Full scholarship to Golublog/owner of Daily Obsessional - to the New York Reality TV School! We want you to blog about what you know not what you guess so come on down and join us for a session!