Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Want to get pig-faced

I thought the Cat Lady was bad.Madonna's plump visage was already starting to give me nightmares, but apparently those two have not gone far enough, for they have yet to experience the wonders of swine.

Now there's a cure for those aging beauties who haven't had enough of Botox or fat injected from their ass, now theres Evolence. A collegan made from pig tendons. This exotic new filler comes straight from the farm yards.

While the product arrived on the market in 2008 it has only recently garnered buzz. (Apparently, Demi Moore uses it for her laugh lines, oh my!) Evolence is made in Israel by a company called Colbar Life Sciences. It's biggest proponent is Dr. David Goldberg, who is currently writing a study on its effectiveness. Which apparently is quite impressive. After 15 minutes and $700, you too can a face full of pork. I don't know, doesn't seem kosher to me. But perhaps, I'm not the target audience.

A fan proclaims, “I had [bovine] collagen for years,” she said. “I guess if you could eat bacon, you can put it in your face! And I like bacon!” Mmmm. Bacon I do like.

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