Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Recessioning: My block is feeling it

Today slate posted an article encouraging readers to shoot the recession, hoping to put together a photo essay about our sad economic state. They are hosting many of the pictures over on flickr, some of images are incredibly disheartening, empty shelves, furniture on street, 99 cents store abound. But the images I find really sad are empty store fronts. Especially those stores,  that had survived years and years of changes in neighborhoods, and now have been forced to finally close their doors.

A few months back, I was surprised at how all the empty storefronts in my neighborhood were finally being occupied by new restaurants, even a Trader Joes moved into the hood, I thought perhaps things were improving.  I was wrong. Now the block is occupied by, empty storefront after empty storefront, it's a depressing sight.

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  1. That's so sad. It breaks my heart when I see that stuff. Someone's dreams had to come to an end.