Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Real Housekeepers of New York City

So last night, on Real Housewives of New York City, Rosanna, the Countesses De Lessep's housekeeper returns, looking svelt, tan, and ready to iron? After making niceties about Rosanna's new figure, for all of three seconds, the Countess Luan de Lessep, immediately put Rosanna back to work. There was much to do. Since, apparently, once a person is bequeathed with a Countess title, they lose all ability to do their own laundry, wash their own dishes, and notice garish stains taking over the kitchen floor.

For some, being a housewife means actually doing housework, but not for the Real Housewives of New York City , housewifing  consists of attending fancy parties in fancy party dresses and supervising the help. Last week,  when Bethenny attempted to help out with cooking at Jill's Hamptons house, you know considering that cooking is what Bethenny does for a living, Jill found it laughable. Isn't that what one has in house chefs for silly?

But, Jill is nothing compared to our fair countess. The relationships with the help on these shows are the epitome of awkward. The richies sit around lamenting that they couldn't possibly survive without the help. Then, they send said help back to their dark lairs to do their dirty work; cooking, cleaning, and raising their children until they are sent off to boarding school.

Every once in awhile, the richies attempt to reward their hardworking housekeepers, with fancy gifts to show them their undying affection and keep them from writing tell-all books. My favorite example of this scenario, was on Flipping Out, when Zoila, probably the most patient maid in the world, was given a terrible portrait, for her birthday, created by some hoity-toity California artist. Zoila, was understandably offended by the gremin-like depiction in said painting. Jeff Lewis was flabbergasted, that this wonderful gift was so harshly refuted. Apparently, Zoila had been getting feisty with him since starting school. Mostly, I think he feared that perhaps she would leave him to his own devices. Horror, of ocd, horrors.
Watching the increasingly more obnoxious Countess last night, I found myself wishing that Rosanna would throw a couple zingers her way ,Rosario style. Now, Rosario, that lady, could definitely show a housewife who's boss.

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