Thursday, March 5, 2009

Doodle bra, really?

The products that people come up with never cease to astound me. Apparently, someone out there thought it'd be a great idea, to make bras a display case for shared scribbles. In my opinion, if you are old enough to fill out a bra, you are probably not having coloring parties with your friends anymore. I could totally see where this is going: little girls everywhere flashing their goodies to passing strangers. Look I drew a unicorn!!!


  1. It's this sort of positive NPD that will get us through this recession. Happy Products are the way forward.

  2. wow. This is completely ridiculous!

  3. Obviously the writer doesn't have young girls in his family! As a father, I think this is a great way for my daughter to express herself with her friends. While breasts are a new development for her it is nice that she can find a way to familiarize herself with weaing a bra and not being ashamed of it. I have no concern that my daughter will be flashing her bra to cars driving by. Just because she and her friends will express themselves through art on a bra does not mean that they will be trashy and stupid. I love this idea!