Thursday, April 2, 2009

Funny guys get love. Funny girls not so much.

In breaking news, not only do chicks dig artists they now also dig comediannes. I have noticed this particularly phenomena myself. For even the epitome of Fug with a couple good jokes tends to have modelesque woman by his side, Woody Allen has practically made a career of it. But, apparently now there's "proof", or if you prefer, a Daily Mail trend report.

In a recent study by psychologists Kristoro McCarty, it was found that being funny apparently makes men seem more intelligent, trustworthy - and a better bet for a relationship.

Mr. Mcarty did a study where he had 45 women rate 'lonely hearts' adverts. He found that the women assumed that the men with the witty advert rather than the factual one were...more intelligent.

Mr McCarty, of Northumbria University, said: 'There was a kind of halo effect. The funny guys appear to be getting everything."Of course McCarthy also evoked evolution in his deep analysis of why funny is attractive, 'From an evolutionary point of view the reason a woman wants to look for a humorous guy is because it is a sign of intelligence and intelligence gives a man the ability to provide resources for their children and survive rather than falling down a trap and dying.

I think for the most part this study was accurate. Now here's the finding I found to be a little saddening. McCarthy also found that, men do not value a woman's wit in equal measure.

When a man says he would like a woman with a good sense of humour, he really means one that will laugh at his jokes, said Mr McCarty.

If this is true, I must either be a dude, or a narcissist because I don't think someone is funny until they get my jokes. One time, my friend's mom said she thinks I get guys because I'm funny. I now realize, that perhaps, rather than a compliment it may have been an insult to my modelesque looks. Apparently, funny guys get a halo and funny girls get nothing.

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