Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the wonders of optimism

happy people

I've always been a fan of optimism. The alternative is depression and once you get in that rut, you just don't get out. So for the most part, I choose to think there are better things to come.

I wait impatiently for them, I wonder when these things will actually come. I am fairly neurotic with my anticipation of the next step. But in general, I assume that the next step will happen for a reason, and the reason will eventually present itself.

In the meanwhile, I try to enjoy things. Small things. Like the first bite of a cookie. Or an odd comment from a stranger. I try to laugh as much as possible and often end up snorting in the process. And trees. I really enjoy them. Walking through the never-ending, now flowering, trees that make up my neighborhood gives me a sense that something positive is waiting.

I'm therefore a big fan of the thinking behind the Optimist Conspectus site. Check it out for a little cheer and perhaps add a little something, something to the optimism cloud.

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