Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Seth Godin tells us whats broken...

... Yup. Everything is. The video is a little long but it does bring up some of the most common irritations that most consumers experience. From airport cab stands with hour long lines and concession stands in movie theaters that close during prime munching time, to debit card deals from brands that make you just want to throw out your whole account. To my big pet peeve: public bathrooms.A lot of the problems are pretty simple to fix. But they aren't fixed. Ever.

Here's Seth's list 7 reasons why things might be broken:

not my job
selfish jerks
the world changed
i didn't know
i'm not a fish
broken on purpose

The one that really irks me is the not my job rationale. I feel like everyday you see some one that doesn't correct something because it's not their job. That won't go the extra step to solve a problem because it's not part of protocol. I've done it myself. We are all guilty of it. So things stay indefinitely broken. Forever.

Perhaps, rules are the only things meant to be broken.

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  1. When I used to work at Forbes, we got him to come speak at one of our events..he was awesome, and everything he says makes so much sense.