Tuesday, April 14, 2009

College Life by MTV

So last night College Life premiered on MTV. Supposedly this is going to be MTV's most real show since the real world. The kids are filming themselves. And there is no crews? While I can't vouch for reality vs. reality tv reality yet, the setting brings back memories of everything I loved and loathed about college.

It's been almost two years since I graduated and there's still things I miss. I miss that hoodies and sweatpants were once appropriate everyday attire, that you never knew who would come by your dorm room unannounced, that you can spend entire days sleeping and think that was a productive use of your time. And the quad I don't know why I really miss the quad.

Things I don't miss so much. End of the drunken night cryfests by every other girl, who somehow got neglected, rejected or used by some guy. The freshman fifteen or let's say twenty pounds I gained. And my quality time in the bathroom stall the morning after booze-laden nights.

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